siegel, michael h. urdang, and douglas r. johnson broadway books, for five million americans at any given time, chronic back pain is a nightmarish disability that interferes with every aspect of their lives. get the book that can free you from chronic back pain.
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back sense by dr ronald d siegel,, available at book depository with free. back sense : a revolutionary approach to halting the cycle of chronic back pain. his bout with chronic back pain was resolved using the methods in this book.
johnson is a physician and a board certified specialist in physical medicine. back sense is the groundbreaking book that promises to change the way we approach the problem by proving that almost all chronic back pain is caused by stress and muscle tension, rather than by damage to the spine. on occasion nearly everyone experiences short term back pain- - from sore or strained muscles.
siegel is a licensed clinical psychologist and a member of the clinical faculty of the harvard medical school since 1984. in 1988 he was disabled by back pain. his personal experience led him to develop the treatments described in the book.

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